About Us

Brayton Cues Limited are proud to be a family run business based in Liverpool. With the love of Snooker, Billiards and Pool running in the Brayton family for over 100 years. 

Brayton Cues established in 2008 provides only high quality products for like minded enthusiasts of cue sports.

Liverpool has a rich history with Snooker and Billiards dating back to the very beginning of the sport. Between 1800-1900 was home to several of the biggest table and cue manufacturers in the world. 

E. A. Clare and sons being one of the largest, later incorporating other well known names such Peradon, Thurston, Sowerby and Son's and many more they now produce most of the equipment we stock. This equipment is regarded as one of the best worldwide. English made for over 200 years we confidently recommend the Peradon range of cues and accessories.