How to take care of your cue

As a thin, tapered piece of timber you cue needs to be looked after
 in order to avoid warping. If not cared for,
any cue regardless of quality, will warp.
Following the advice below will ensure that your cue remains in perfect condition for every game.
Store your cue upright in a cue rack or vertically in a cue case in a cool, dry place
Keep your cue away from radiators, hot pipes and out of direct sunlight
Do not lean your cue against a wall
Do not lean on your cue when playing
Do not bang the butt on the floor
Finally in order to check the straightness of a cue rolling
 across a table is not a good indication, instead sight along the cue.

Ash cues can be gently straightened by hand, there are lots of theory's about heat the shaft and damp bending,steaming and all should be avoided by the amateur!,however completely at your own risk you can gently ease bends out a Ash shaft cue (not maple) the cue on a slate bed table 2. roll the cue until the tip is almost lifting the middle of the cue (like a bridge on the table) your hand in the middle of the cue firmly 4.gently lift the butt end (warning for jointed cues don't bend the joint ,it will weaken it! lift from after the joint) 5. lift up about 3 inches at a time and this bend will gently reform the wood, this is becuase Ash is malleable in character (like mild steel will bend and then hold the new shape)6. be careful not to over bend and put a bend in the opposite direction, you could be there all day!
I've had old cue over 2 inches bent and within minutes gently straighten them and they stay how you leave them,job done! this is why a bend in an ash cue is no big problem just remember be gentle and careful, bending three inches can easily be done by a perfect shaft but if the shaft is faulty then you may just split it! if it was a'cracking noise' on the shot then this may be a problem so be careful.(at your own risk)

Effectively what your doing is bending in the opposite direction to the original bend as it re-straightens it will hold just a little of that extreme bend ,but dont do this free hand without the use of a table or floor snappy snap time!

Choosing a good case

Cues can sometimes cost several hundred pounds or a player can

have one cue for thier whole lifetime so never under estimate how a good strong

case can protect it from physical damage, heat damage, water moisture damage and sunlight U/V damage

the difference in the cost of a case is marginal so spend wisely.

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